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Opera Cowpokes


Cowpokes CD

1. Riders in the Sky (feat. Steven Stull)
2. Don't Fence Me In (feat. Stephen Powell)
3. Ragtime Cowboy Joe (feat. Steven Stull, Timothy Lefebvre, Todd Geer & Peter Sicilian)
4. Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Reprise)
5. I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart (feat. Phyllis Pancella)
6. Cool Water (feat. Steven Stull, Timothy Lefebvre, Todd Geer & Peter Sicilian)
7. San Antonio Rose (feat. Timothy Lefebvre)
8. Jingle, Jangle, Jingle (feat. Steven Stull & Dean Elzinga)
9. Back in the Saddle Again (feat. Steven Stull)
10. Gunfight At the Ok Corral (feat. Richard McKee)
11. Before the Next Teardrop Falls (feat. Dean Elzinga)
12. Tears On My Pillow (feat. Todd Geer)
13. I Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Stephen Powell)
14. Cowboy Blues (feat. Steven Stull)
15. Blue Bayou (feat. Phyllis Pancella)
16. King of the Road (feat. Richard McKee)
17. When I Stop Dreaming (feat. Phyllis Pancella)
18. I Fall to Pieces (feat. Peter Sicilian)
19. Long Black Veil (feat. Steven Stull)
20. Vaya Con Dios (feat. Raul Melo)
21. Walking After Midnight (feat. Phyllis Pancella)
22. Home On the Range (feat. Steven Stull)
23. Happy Trails (feat. Steven Stull)

Opera Cowpokes was conceived and produced by singer/producer
Steven Stull
and also features:
Phyllis Pancella,
Stephen Powell
Dean Elzinga
Raul Melo
Peter Sicilian,
Timothy LeFebvre
Todd Geer
Richard McKee.

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Produced by Steven Stull
Graphic design by Gene Czebiniak
All rights reserved.
(p) © 1999 Steven Stull

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